Charlotte Arnold

Alongside her work as a freelance dance artist, Charlotte is also a talented project coordinator and administrator and has leant her skills to support the work at The Dance Studio Leeds, FRONTLINEdance and the Skinner Releasing Network in addition to being a programmer and co director of artist led Pro Dance Leeds. She also works as NSCD’s CAT Outreach Coordinator, managing a team of 8 artists delivering outreach work across Yorkshire.

Welcome to FRONTLINEdance Brian!

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Headshot of Brian, a black male wearing a black suit, chequered white shirt and blue tie.

Today is Brian’s first day as our Company Development Manager and coincidently it falls on Deaf Awareness Week.

We asked Brian some questions:

1. Tell us about yourself.

Answer: Hi, I am Brian Kokoruwe, former Great Britain international athlete, Manager of GB and Assistant European Deaf Sports Athletics Technical Director.  I still enjoy sports and fitness training.  I have a wide range of work experience in the private, public and self-employment fields.  I am excited to be part of FRONTLINEdance company, and I am looking forward to being part of the team that brings fascinating and accessible performances to the local communities. I have written 3 books about the barriers I faced from birth, becoming deafened through meningitis and through the early part of my education. 

2. What are you most looking forward to whilst working with us?

Answer:  I am excited to start my new employment venture with FRONTLINEdance as Company Development Manager.  I am looking forward to working with my FRONTLINEdance colleagues and seeing FRONTLINEdance company getting more exposures across the country, putting out more performances and demonstrating that there should be no barriers for Deaf/Disabled/Neurodivergent people from taking part in theatre performances and therefore showcasing examples of inclusivity at various fields and life spectrums.

3. Deaf Awareness Week 2023 will take place from the 2nd to the 8th of May, and this year the theme is deaf inclusion. This year’s theme highlights how hearing loss impacts daily life and how others can help support deaf people. Why is deaf inclusion important? What can others do to support deaf people?

Answer:  I am always keen to participate or promote deaf awareness during Deaf Awareness Week because deafness is an invisible disability and so many people/organisations tend to forget the needs of deaf people or simply make wrong assumptions that all deaf people have the same requirements.  This is completely WRONG.  Deaf people have various support requirements. The key thing is to communicate with the individual deaf person what their requirements are and then one can make reasonable adjustment to provide for the needs of individual deaf person rather than make incorrect assumptions and therefore provide wrong support.   Deaf inclusion is very important because no one should be excluded on the ground of deafness.  For Deaf Awareness Week, I would like organisations and individuals to please learn more about deafness through Deaf Awareness Courses, learn basic British Sign Language and make more of an effort to communicate with deaf people.  Do you know the differences between deaf and Deaf?  Learn about this during Deaf Awareness Week through having a go at our quizzes.

4. Anything else that you would like to add?

Answer: As part of Deaf Awareness Week 2023, we are going to run daily quizzes via FRONTLINEdance’s social media – FRONTLINEdance1 Answers will be shared the following day.

We welcome you to share your answers each day from 2nd May!