Welcome to FRONTLINEdance Brian!

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Headshot of Brian, a black male wearing a black suit, chequered white shirt and blue tie.

Today is Brian’s first day as our Company Development Manager and coincidently it falls on Deaf Awareness Week.

We asked Brian some questions:

1. Tell us about yourself.

Answer: Hi, I am Brian Kokoruwe, former Great Britain international athlete, Manager of GB and Assistant European Deaf Sports Athletics Technical Director.  I still enjoy sports and fitness training.  I have a wide range of work experience in the private, public and self-employment fields.  I am excited to be part of FRONTLINEdance company, and I am looking forward to being part of the team that brings fascinating and accessible performances to the local communities. I have written 3 books about the barriers I faced from birth, becoming deafened through meningitis and through the early part of my education. 

2. What are you most looking forward to whilst working with us?

Answer:  I am excited to start my new employment venture with FRONTLINEdance as Company Development Manager.  I am looking forward to working with my FRONTLINEdance colleagues and seeing FRONTLINEdance company getting more exposures across the country, putting out more performances and demonstrating that there should be no barriers for Deaf/Disabled/Neurodivergent people from taking part in theatre performances and therefore showcasing examples of inclusivity at various fields and life spectrums.

3. Deaf Awareness Week 2023 will take place from the 2nd to the 8th of May, and this year the theme is deaf inclusion. This year’s theme highlights how hearing loss impacts daily life and how others can help support deaf people. Why is deaf inclusion important? What can others do to support deaf people?

Answer:  I am always keen to participate or promote deaf awareness during Deaf Awareness Week because deafness is an invisible disability and so many people/organisations tend to forget the needs of deaf people or simply make wrong assumptions that all deaf people have the same requirements.  This is completely WRONG.  Deaf people have various support requirements. The key thing is to communicate with the individual deaf person what their requirements are and then one can make reasonable adjustment to provide for the needs of individual deaf person rather than make incorrect assumptions and therefore provide wrong support.   Deaf inclusion is very important because no one should be excluded on the ground of deafness.  For Deaf Awareness Week, I would like organisations and individuals to please learn more about deafness through Deaf Awareness Courses, learn basic British Sign Language and make more of an effort to communicate with deaf people.  Do you know the differences between deaf and Deaf?  Learn about this during Deaf Awareness Week through having a go at our quizzes.

4. Anything else that you would like to add?

Answer: As part of Deaf Awareness Week 2023, we are going to run daily quizzes via FRONTLINEdance’s social media – FRONTLINEdance1 Answers will be shared the following day.

We welcome you to share your answers each day from 2nd May!

Breakthrou’dance Programme 2023

JOIN US – Welcoming New Members!

View our weekly Breakthrou’dance sessions below:

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Image description:
Rachael wearing an orange FRONTLINEdance tshirt is standing in a group with five other participants. All are smiling and holding a thumbs up towards the camera.
Below this in red are six access icons:
Easy read visual stories
Wheelchair accessible 
Hearing Loop
BSL interpreter
Guide Dogs are Welcome
We sign Makaton
Sessions are accessible for all and access icons included are not what we are limited to.

Stoke City Council – Culture & Event Grant.

The Explorers

A successful application means that we have been awarded a grant to tour the ‘Explorers’ to Stoke-on-Trent venues; museums, libraries, special schools, children’s centres, hospital children’s wards/departments and community groups. It will also provide the touring places as well as local arts and culture organisations workshops, in access and inclusion.

If you are interested in us coming to you?
Please contact Rachael: 07484 874335 as soon as possible. You must be within Stoke-on-Trent for this opportunity. Thank You!

David Jowett

David started Breakthrou’ in 2005. He is now part of the aDvANCE group and has been part of a number of performances with the group. He has also worked on developing his skills as a workshop assistant and leader, and has assisted our Artistic Director in a variety of workshops over the years

David also has two work placements that he goes to every week. He works at a veterinary practice, and at Olton Abbey, where he works in the kitchen and helps with activities

David’s latest role with FRONTLINEdance is as an emerging dance artist – part of a new commission received from Dance Hub Birmingham. He feels that this is a good opportunity to continue to develop his dancing and work alongside new people. He would also like to work on his own choreography

In his spare time Dave is a huge football fan and loves both playing himself and watching his favourite team, Leicester, play

We are Auditioning!

FRONTLINEdance seeks:

  1. Four disabled and non-disabled performers for the creation and performance of a new contemporary dance / dance theatre work for public spaces in August 2019.
  2. Two emerging disabled dance artists to shadow and gain experience (expenses will be reimbursed).

The new work will be inspired by our local disabled communities lived experiences, ideas, voices, stories, messages and themes, which will be gathered during a light hearted, artistic and creative consultation period.

The choreographic process will take place in community spaces where disabled people / groups meet, and public spaces allowing both our disabled community and the general public to watch this process, feedback ideas, and become dance critics! This methodology will spark additional and much needed dialogue between artists and non-artists, disabled people and non-disabled people – in an inclusive manner and with all contributors on equal terms. It is hoped that by being so visible, we will inspire the next cohort of emerging disabled dancers as a result, and get people talking and sharing.

Consultation, creation and rehearsal will take place in less formal dance spaces, for a period of 15 days, spread out over 3 months. The new work will then be premiered as part of Appetites Big Feast on either 23rd & 24th August. It will involve performing indoors and outdoors.

We encourage applications from all disabled artists at any point in their career.

Required for application are:

  • 2 years of professional, or comparable, dance experience and/or an extraordinary natural performance style
  • Good improvisation skills
  • Motivated and hard working
  • Strong communications skills
  • Skilled and engaging performers
  • A commitment to be part of a team and fully participate
  • You must be over 18 years old, have a valid national insurance number, and be legally allowed to work in the UK.

Desirable skills & attributes:

  • Ability to sign and interpret BSL and Makaton
  • Experience of performing in non-conventional theatre settings

To apply: Applications via email are preferred. If this is not possible please get in touch.

Please send the following to Rachael Lines, Artistic Co-Director, at rachael@frontlinedance.co.uk:

  1. Completed Application (click here to download)
  2. An Equal Opps monitoring form (click here to download )
  3. An up-to-date CV
  4. A web link, if available, with footage of you performing. The most useful footage is something short, of about 5 minutes, recorded in a dance studio especially for this audition. It should give us an idea of your technique, performance ability, and improvisational style. Footage from previous performances is also welcome in digital format. All footage should be sent via an online platform link, such as YouTube or Vimeo, but please indicate the moment you would like us to watch, MAKE SURE IT’S EASY TO IDENTIFY YOU.
  5. A covering letter; we want to know why you are applying to work with us. Please use a maximum of 2 sides of A4, or a video or audio recording of up to 5 minutes (preferably in MP3 / MP4 format please) describing:
  • What is your experience in Dance or Performance?
  • Why do you dance?
  • Your ability to co-create with professionals and the community?
  • Why you wish to work for FRONTLINEdance?
  • What you feel you would offer us?
  • What do you find artistically inspiring, both when creating and when seeing dance pieces or other art works?

Application Deadline: Tuesday 7th May at 9am

Audition: 17th & 18th  May 2019, in Stoke-on-Trent. Venue to be confirmed.

Contract Dates (tbc): 17th – 21st June 2019 (R&D), 15th– 19th July 2019 (Creation), 14th– 16th August Creation/ Rehearsal), 21st & 22nd August (rehearsal), 23rd & 24th August (Performance)

Applicants successful in being offered an Audition will be informed by Friday 10th May 2019 

For the successful candidates, the planned start date of contract is June. Dancers will initially be on a 3 week contract of Equity/ITC rates at £483 per week as stated above, plus a relocation allowance of @£102.50 per week. An additional fee for performing the work plus travel & accommodation will be made.

For any further questions about the role please email Rachael Lines, Artistic Director on rachael@frontlinedance.co.uk or call her on 07919 026962

For further information about the company please go to  www.frontlinedance.co.uk
FRONTLINEdance is an Equal Opportunities Employer and welcomes applications from all sections of the community.

Appointment will be made on merit. FRONTLINEdance is always interested to hear from disabled artists with an interest in working with the company.

Easy Fundraising

Sign up to Easy Fundraising – at no cost to you, and every time you shop online you will raise funds for FRONTLINEdance

Past fundraising:

Help us reach our target: A NEW ARTS FESTIVAL FOR STOKE-on-TRENT

We’re busy trying to fundraise for a new Disability Arts Festival that FRONTLINEdance will programme and lead, to take place in October 2019. It will have two strands: work made or performed by professional disabled artists, and bringing specially created art work and performances for hard to reach disabled communities (those who struggle with access, suitability, desire in attending).

We have already attracted some great partners, but would love for more to join us. If you are an organisation, venue, support group or charity who are wanting to support us, have your voice heard, or just want to take part then please get in touch rachael@frontlinedance.co.uk 

Thanks to Appetite and Stoke-on-Trent City Council via their Community Arts Festival and Event Fund we’ve secured £3,000 so far. FRONTLINEdance are applying to grant giving bodies for the majority, but are looking at securing an addition £2,000 from other sources. This is to make sure our festival reaches PMLD groups: people with ‘Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties’ (PMLD) have complex learning needs. In addition to their severe learning difficulties, they may have other significant difficulties, such as physical disabilities, sensory impairment or a severe medical condition.

More info to follow, but you can make a donation to this exciting and special cause here: https://www.goldengiving.com/wall/frontlinedance