Dance Artists: Job Description/Person Specification, and How to Apply

We are looking for 5-7 freelance dance artists (aged 23 years and above) to join a training and research & development period with us. We need a range of dance artists, who can lead delivery on the three main areas of our work; Community | Health | Performance

The aim is that all dance artists will form our CORE Artistic Team, so all need to be ready to deliver on a number of projects and programmes, including new performance work by the end of the 15 days. Each individual dance artist will act as ‘leads’ in areas of strength, but all will take part in the same training and R&D process, meaning that we can expand on our delivery. Therefore, all need to show commitment to working for us beyond July 2021, even though initial agreements will end July 2021.

Dance artists will be experienced in at least one of the following, and will be given lead roles to:

  • Dance in our performance works
  • Lead sessions in hospitals and/or elderly care settings
  • Lead inclusive dance in our community
  • Lead Dance For Health session’s for partipants who have long term health conditions
  • Consult and lead on targeted sessions for ethnically diverse people (must self-identify)
  • Consult and lead on target sessions for wheelchair users (must self-identify)
  • Be part of a combination of, or all of the above.

This training period will provide the time to research & co-develop ideas exploring different delivery models to overcome the restrictions Covid-19 has placed on some of our methodology, specifically how we directly interact with Visually Impaired and PMLD /SPMLD audiences in a performance context. We’ll share findings & use it to inform our future performance work. Sessions will be via Zoom and Face to Face (see below).

We are not interested in applicants who are available ONLY for this period of training, but those who see a future working with FRONTLINEdance as a core member of its artistic team. Those interested in leading sessions, must be willing to travel to Stoke-on-Trent / Staffordshire on a regular basis to deliver. There is no upper age limit, and we encourage ethnically diverse and disabled dance artists to apply.

Fee: £1,800, for 15 days. There is no additional fee for travel and accommodation. Access costs are available. Self employment agreement offered.

For two to three members of our artistic team (or two new/additional freelance dance artists) we are also offering a further temporary role to deliver Targeted Consultation & Workshops to inclusively engage:

  • Ethnically diverse members of our local community
  • Wheelchair user’s

In brief, the role will include finding out why current engagement is lower, deliver a targeted online participatory programme from the findings, and create a new engagement plan for the future. FRONTLINEdance are looking for dance artists with lived experience/self-identify with these particular members of our local community. This work will take place April-June 2021. As sessions will be delivered online, it’s unlikely that you will need to travel to us. Follow this link for further information:
Job: Targeted dance consultation & delivery | FRONTLINEdance

How To Apply:

Please provide us either in a document, voice recording, or video:

  • Name and contact details
  • Details of your skills and experience
  • Why you want to work with FRONTLINEdance
  • Your preferred lead role position(s)
  • What would be your ‘ideal’ working situation with us be? E.g : times / days of the week / year, in blocks, on a weekly basis, short term projects, long-term projects. Part-time, full-time, sessional basis.
  • Explain your ideal way of working; e.g. style, environment, by yourself, in a team, process, how you like to work with others, how you like others to work with you.
  • Details of relevant qualifications, CPD and informal courses you have attended
  • Anything else that you would like to add, including video links, and please state any days/times of the 15 days that you cannot attend.

DEADLINE: Wednesday 14th April 2021

Email this to:

For those applying via video, can you please send via a WeTransfer or something similar please.

What happens next? FRONTLINEdance will invite those shortlisted to an ONLINE interview on THURSDAY 15th APRIL , followed by an ONLINE 6-8pm workshop. Successful applicants will be notified on FRIDAY 16th April, to start training with us (ONLINE) on MONDAY 19th APRIL.

By using the term ‘disabled dance artists’ we aim to include artists who identify as being disabled, D/deaf, neurodiverse/neurodivergent and those experiencing chronic illness, mental health conditions, and more. We understand that different people prefer different terminology. You do not have to prefer the term ‘disabled person’, nor identify as a disabled dance artist to apply.

Dates and Times:

19th April Intro & Training ONLINE 9am-12midday
20th April Intro & Training ONLINE 9:15am-3:45pm
22nd April Intro & Training ONLINE 9am-12midday
30th April FULL TEAM MEETING ONLINE 9am-11am
5th May Training ONLINE 9:15am-3:45pm
6th May Training ONLINE 9:15am-12:15pm
7th May Training ONLINE 9:15am-3:45pm
W/B 10th May 1 to 1 meeting with AD ONLINE TBC
24th – 28th May R&D SOT 9am-3:30pm
15th-17th June  3 days Training / R&D SOT 9am-3:30pm
18th June End of Dance Artist Training and R&D Work – Final Evaluation with All staff TBC 9am-3:30pm

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