FAF Presents: Dance, Poetry and Mental Health

In partnership with St Margaret Ward Catholic Academy

International dance artist Stuart Waters performs ‘RockBottom’ alongside local artists Tracy Henham (spoken word) and Breakthrou’dance (inclusive dance)

An evening of performances on themes relating to mental health by international dance artist Stuart Waters and local artists Tracy Henham and Breakthrou’dance. Discussion and conversations will follow each performance.

Breakthrou’DANCE , value friendships, have respect for each other, love to dance, smile & laugh lots. They enjoy the freedom to be expressive and be themselves. So when the group decided to dig a little deeper, they had the support of each other to do so. The outcome is the creation of a short contemporary dance performance based on the emotional and physical pain and frustration caused by being excluded. The dancers explored how it feels to be ignored, not listened too, left out of conversations, and activities, how the name calling hurts, being bullied and how this has a direct impact on their confidence, self-esteem, and mental health. Sometimes it’s not them but those close to them that feel it and witness it the most.

Choreography by the dancers; Emily, Matt, Dave, Dan, Grace & Rhiannon

Tracy Henham

Tracy’s spoken word performance is a collection of pieces from her book ‘Madness Between Gladness and Sadness’ and focuses on her personal experiences of Bipolar 2.

Writing and performing from inside the condition, Tracy’s work challenges the stigma surrounding mental health. Her poetry reflects on periods where she loses her mental functions due to fluctuations in her mental health. Tracy hopes to open up the conversation on mental health and encourage others to seek support in a safe, secure and inclusive environment.

Headliner: Stuart Waters ‘RockBottom’

‘RockBottom’ is a new one man show, a powerful and topical dance theatre performance. Combining bold story-telling and highly physical choreography, this show is a moving and incredibly honest self-portrait of a personal struggle with depression and addiction.

Since Stuart’s show tackles these difficult subjects, the company has taken this opportunity to invite local mental health charities to participate in the post-show discussion. They are also invited to offer their support and information to the audience if required.

‘RockBottom’ is not only a thought-provoking night-out; it is a reflective tool for everyone concerned with mental well-being.

Due to the potentially distressing themes in RockBottom, this performance is not suitable for anyone under the age of 16.

As part of the Mental Health Evening, a trained counsellor will be available should anyone in the audience wish to speak in confidence to a trained and safe professional.

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