“I’m so glad I was able to watch this amazing performance, I went home thoroughly uplifted with joy in my heart!” Audience member “With Soundness of Heart” June 2022

As makers we explore how we can create exciting, relevant, and thought-provoking contemporary dance with d/DEAF, visually impaired, disabled, neurodivergent audiences and hospital patients. We co-create across ages, backgrounds, and experiences, naturally integrating people together, reducing isolation, and improving physical, mental, and social health and well-being.

Audiences continue to tell us that our performances are emotive and amazing, so we continue to make more!

We accept bookings and commissions to make new work throughout the year. 

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Current PERFORMANCES available to book

We offer different performances for a range of spaces and age groups.


HAPPENCHANCE is a promenade integrated dance, story-telling and live music performance project for hospitals (but not exclusively).

Initially devised for the University Hospitals of North Midlands, Artistic Director Rachael Lines created five new contemporary dance works especially for the hospital environment and all who attend; in and out patients, visitors and staff.

Performers travel between public spaces and corridors to wards, specialist units and even venture outside in the hospital grounds. We have work suitable for Children’s wards, Renal Units (Kidney Dialysis), Chemotherapy, Outpatient waiting areas – in fact our work can be performed anywhere.

The main work, also entitled ‘HAPPENCHANCE’ is about chance encounters that we have with strangers and what happens next. It explores how we are naturally drawn to and feel comfortable around some people, and how we react differently to those who make us feel tense or uncomfortable and others who may even make us blush!

The work over exaggerates these feelings and situations, creating a mix of a witty/comic dance work for four dancers with tender, emotive and thought-provoking duets. Choreographer and Artistic Director of FRONTLINEdance, Rachael Lines, wanted to create ‘characters’ that audiences could smile at and laugh along with, and then bring a more ‘human’ and ‘real life’ element into the mix; and it worked!

This work consists of a number of duets that can be performed alone (small spaces / short 5 minute performances). It is performed to a composition by Greg Hall and with and without a story-telling aspect. HAPPENCHANCE is available to tour to other settings and theatres – the work can be tailor- made to suit your space and the audience (children or adults).

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Stan and the Spitfire

(For Children and Young People)

Inspired by its local heritage, FRONTLINEdance created a fictional story based on Sir Stanley Matthews (local football hero) and Reginald Mitchell (designer of the Spitfire) with story teller Gloria Lowe.

It was made into an integrated dance piece and is performed with live music, composed by Greg Hall.

The work includes some audience interaction and the chance to make some paper aeroplanes!


Accompanied by pre-recorded music and a live Cello (composition by Greg Hall), dancers move around the environment alone and together.

This relaxing, breath-taking, beautiful and thought provoking work has been created for passers-by to enjoy as they travel to their next destination, and for those who want to sit and take time to watch and listen.

MUSE includes hints, twists and refelectioms of all our performance works. It is adapted to suit both the space we are performing and our audience.


(For Children and Young People)

Adjusted to the age of the children viewing THE BOX! - Numerous objects are found that our performers use to: dance, create music and interact with the audience.

It’s fun and light hearted with a message of friendship and integration. The level of interaction and the length of the work differs dependent on the setting and who our audience is. Guaranteed to make you smile.

Forget Me Knot

Forget Me Knot has been made  for older adults in hospitals, residential, care and community settings, but not exclusively.

Originally created with local contemporary dancer Clare Reynolds, post-modern pioneer and ex-Olympic gymnast Mary Prestidge and composer, multi-instrumentalist Greg Hall, choreographer and director Rachael Lines created two new live dance and music performance experiences that explored the precious things in life that we hope we can keep hold on to forever; an experience, a taste, a sound or a memory...

Forget Me Knot has people at the heart of it and the hospital / care environment was considered in the making of it. FRONTLINEdance experienced a great deal of enjoyment working closely with the medical staff and patients at Queens Hospital in Burton and very much appreciates both their contribution and support.

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