Maiya Leeke

Associate Dance Artist

Maiya is a semi-verbal, neuro-disabled Contemporary Dance Artist. Her practice has been informed by her training and professional development with Candoco Dance Company; current mentorship with Joel Brown (Candoco Dance Company member); and Charlotte Darbyshire (Artistic Director of Candoco Dance Company) whilst training in National Youth Dance Company, working with Alesandra Seutin (Artistic Director of Vocab Dance). She is currently completing the Seedbed Inclusive Teacher Training with Stopgap Dance Company; and continues to train with Hawk Dance Theatre.

She both performs and teaches for Joss Arnott Dance performing in ‘DANCE:CONNECTS – PULSE! 2.0’ (2020) and leading digital outreach, accessible repertoire workshops (2020/21).  She has also performed for Mimbre Acrobats in ‘The Sofa Dance’ (2020), currently streaming on BBC iPlayer; and ‘Look Mum, No Hands!’ (2019) a Daryl Beeton Productions collaboration with Mimbre Acrobats again.

As an advocate for inclusive practice, Maiya takes great pride in her current role at Mind the Gap, Bradford, as an Associate Artist in Dance, leading on the full-time Performance Academy course specifically for learning disabled artists aged 18-30. She has a range of teaching experience with both disabled and non-disabled participants. This includes working in therapeutic settings such as Clifton Hospital on the Wonder-Full Therapeutic Arts project with Ludus Dance (2018); and currently at Sue Ryder Neurological Care Centre Lancashire leading chair-based movement sessions for a range of neuro-disabled patients.

She continues to develop her own practice and distinctive style of movement combining the use of the floor and her wheelchair whilst also drawing from her in depth musical background as a Grade 8 Jazz Saxophonist.

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