Mark Lewis


FRONTLINEdance welcomed Mark to join our voluntary board as a member in July 2021, as someone that can offer two quite different perspectives.

The first being from a personal perspective as a person with multiple chronic health conditions; over 40 years of direct experience, he can share his own experiences of living with a hidden disability and the affects from both a physical and mental point of view. He can bring his own personal experiences of NHS services and hospitals and can represent a patient perspective utilising national and local NHS services.

In addition to his own experiences, Mark is uncle of a niece with Down Syndrome and Autism. He can call on experiences of a growing child with dual diagnosis, learning disabilities, development needs and physical difficulties.  The importance of inclusive programs and therapies, adaptive communication, recognition development and journey of discovery.

The second perspective is from a professional background with over 20 years’ experience as a business analyst with a proven track record of successful programme and project management, continuous improvement, change management, and business analysis.

Mark’s personal attributes are that he is methodical, analytical, diligent, consistent, and discerning in his work. This enables him to empathise within a group, or persist independently, as someone who is self-motivating. Great skills for a board!

Mark is looking forward to contributing to board matters, effective networking building on objectives by influencing and motivating other to become champions, and offering continuous support and improvement to FRONTLINEdance.

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