Sophie Alder


Sophie has over 20 years of professional experience as a dancer and teacher working across different techniques and demographics in the community and professional sectors. Her current role at Northern Ballet as Artistic Learning Manager involves overseeing the artistic output of the department, ensuring consistent high quality, and mentoring the Dance Education Officers. Sophie set up and has led the Ability dance course for learning disabled adults at Northern Ballet for the past 8 years and is responsible for all aspects of the course from content and delivery to management and recruitment. The development of good inclusive dance practice and generating wider awareness of and platforms for disabled artists is a key concern of her work and one of her reasons for wanting to join the FRONTLINEdance Board.

As a freelance dance artist, Sophie has taught as a part-time dance lecturer at Leeds Beckett University, on the Northern School of Contemporary Dance CAT scheme, and regularly delivers Skinner Releasing Technique (SRT) classes in collaboration with Rosemary Spencer. Since May 2013, together, they have successfully run annual 5-day intensive dance course, Moving Landscapes, exploring SRT in the studio and outside in natural landscapes which attracts dance professionals, movement, and other creative practitioners from in and outside the UK.

Sophie has supported FRONTLINEdance for many years as an audience member and on a few occasions as a volunteer at performances and events. She greatly admires the consistent high quality of the work we produce, and our innovation and ambition. Sophie hopes that through volunteering as a Board Director (from July 2021), she will gain, personally, as much as she gives to the company. FRONTLINEdance looks forward to working with Sophie and welcoming her to our board.

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