Action for Children- Aiming High Programme

FRONTLINEdance are a lead Aiming High provider for Action for Children, Stoke-on-Trent Programme. The Aiming High sessions are delivered in a very inclusive and open way which makes them suitable for physical disabilities and wheelchair users as well as for those with additional learning, communication, social and emotional needs. These sessions are supported by Action For Children Staff.

What can my child expect?

We always start off with introduction and name movement games so everyone gets to know each other a little better.

  1. Warm up our body and move around the dance studio in as many ways as we can.
  2. Explore different genres of dance such as contemporary, street, country and jiving.
  3. Create our own dances and movements.
  4. Perform for each other.
  5. Play games with a ‘dance’ twist and other games that are used to improve communication and team-work skills.
  6. Sometimes we use Disney films as themes as well as using the child’s interests to create our dances and explore new movements.
  7. We use a range of props such as bean bags, balls, parachutes, stretchy giant lycra, giant material covered elastic, hoola hoops, glow sticks and chiffon scarves to create movement, focus and interaction.
  8. The movement and dance session usually ends with relaxation and we ask the participants to feedback what they enjoyed and if there were any dislikes or challenges.

In each session we break for a drink and a snack, and we provide a range of arts, crafts, books and games.

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