Local Network Fund Project – workshops for children and young people

This project contributed to the main focus for the year, and 340 children and young people directly benefited from it. The aim, which we achieved, was to ensure further development and consistency in delivering regular dance workshops, for a longer period of time to groups who were classed as ‘disadvantaged’ or ‘at risk’.

In total seven groups benefited from the project; Blackfriars Special School & Further Education Unit, 3 of C.E.D.A.R.S pupil referral units, which are for pupils who have been permanently or temporally excluded from school, The Play Council – Knutton & Cross Heath, and Chesterton Youth Club. This took the form of after school clubs, evening workshops and extra curriculum activity. The groups chose to perform in a number of different ways. This included performances in front of their peers, their own and at other schools and to family & friends.  The project also created volunteer opportunities for disabled and non-disabled dancers and students to assist the workshop leaders in the workshops.  This project was developed to create a contemporary dance film project (dance, music & film) between students from Blackfriars Special School & Cedars Pupil Referral Unit.