Esther Routledge

Company Manager

Esther is an experienced Arts Coordinator having working in operations, administration, events and marketing for the British Council’s Cultural Protection Fund and Creative Europe programs. Esther first came across FRONTLINEdance in 2012 when she was searching online for housing, support and activities for her younger sister who loves music and performance, has Down’s Syndrome and was leaving full-time residential special education.

Returning to Stoke on Trent after working in Manchester for 8 years for this special opportunity to manage FRONTLINEdance utilizes her business skills gained in large funding organisations, as well as private sector start-up companies in Manchester. Responsible across HR, governance and fundraising, events and project management, data, advocacy and communications and administration, Esther will represent FRONTLINEdance wherever possible. Her strong belief in the power of performance arts and the integrated nature of FRONTLINEdance makes her a passionate advocate for the company and the disabled arts sector.