Partnerships & Development

Seeking an experienced freelance person to help us create new partnerships, generate income, and with the overall development of FRONTLINEdance.

This temporary position will start on 27th April and end on 31st June. You will help to ensure FRONTLINEdance is ready and able to return to its regular delivery in July, with new projects and programmes starting in September 2021 and January 2022. During this time you will work closely with the Artistic Director to identify areas of development.

Fee: 20 days @£250 a day on a self-employment agreement / freelance basis.

Within these 20 days we will expect you to:

  • write and submit three funding applications for 2 year plus projects/programmes
  • Develop the partners and sponsors to help us to deliver them
  • Look at how we work internally and suggest ways of improving and moving forward
  • Support the Dance Development Role
  • Work closely with our Artistic Director
  • Help to problem solve Covid-19 related issues
  • Put in place a range of non-grant income plans based on our current target
  • Provide suggestions to move forward

To fulfil this role in a very short time the successful applicant will need to have:

  • experience of working with similar companies
  • experience and knowledge of what small not-for-profits need and can achieve
  • an understanding of what our work entails
  • the ability to move quick with suggestions and ideas
  • track record of successful funding applications to a number of sources
  • ability to identify risk and offer ways to resolve it
  • have excellent time management skills
  • be resourceful
  • prior knowledge and experience is essential
  • be an advocate of dance and disability, dance for health and contemporary dance
  • be proactive, friendly and resourceful, with the ability to communicate well with a range of people, both knowledgeable and new to our work.
  • motivation and enthusiasm for FRONTLINEdance and what we want to achieve

How To Apply:

Please provide us either in a document, voice recording, or video:

  • Name and contact details
  • Details of your skills and experience
  • Why you want to work with FRONTLINEdance
  • Details of relevant qualifications, CPD and informal courses you have attended
  • Anything else that you would like to add, including video links

DEADLINE: Friday 16th April 2021

Email this to:

For those applying via video, can you please send via a WeTransfer or something similar please.

What happens next? FRONTLINEdance will invite those shortlisted to an ONLINE interview on TUESDAY 20th APRIL. Successful applicants will be notified on WEDNESDAY 21st APRIL, to start a freelance agreement or a or PAYE contract with us on 27th APRIL.

We are an equal opportunities employer. We actively welcome applications for disabled people and ethnically diverse people.

By using the term ‘disabled person’ we aim to include people who identify as being disabled, D/deaf, neurodiverse/neurodivergent and those experiencing chronic illness, mental health conditions, and more. We understand that different people prefer different terminology. You do not have to prefer the term ‘disabled person’, nor identify as a disabled person or ethnically diverse person to apply.

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