David Jowett

Emerging Artist

David started Breakthrou’ in 2005. He is now part of the aDvANCE group and has been part of a number of performances with the group. He has also worked on developing his skills as a workshop assistant and leader, and has assisted our Artistic Director in a variety of workshops over the years

David also has two work placements that he goes to every week. He works at a veterinary practice, and at Olton Abbey, where he works in the kitchen and helps with activities

David’s latest role with FRONTLINEdance is as an emerging dance artist – part of a new commission received from Dance Hub Birmingham. He feels that this is a good opportunity to continue to develop his dancing and work alongside new people. He would also like to work on his own choreography

In his spare time Dave is a huge football fan and loves both playing himself and watching his favourite team, Leicester, play