Integrated Dance for community disabled and non-disabled dancers

These dance sessions are suitable for beginners to professionals. They are streamlined for those who want to come just for fun, and for those who would like to develop their dance skills further – through an advanced class and performances.

What is involved?

In a safe and friendly environment participants are guided through a range of creative dance activities, to gain and develop skills in contemporary dance technique, choreography and performance. Each participant is challenged and taught in a way that is personal to their ability level and communication needs,  within a group setting.

The YOUTH group and ADULT groups have the opportunity to perform in a wide range of settings from traditional spaces such as theatres to the less traditional – outside, for film, community venues, at conferences and as part of a workshop. This gives the dancers varied and engaging performance experiences.

Dance Style: contemporary / creative dance / improvisation / choreography

What is integrated dance?

FRONTLINEdance integrates disabled and non-disabled dancers together within their professional and community work, and always have done. We work as equals in the dance studio and on stage. This gives a very powerful and unified message to each other and our audiences. It allows us to problem solve, be creative and create moves/dance work that can only be created through integration- both dancers couldn’t do it without the other one… it’s exciting!

We have found that using open-ended instructions allows for the individual to respond creatively and artistically without using language that immediately excludes or creates barriers. This allows the dancers to work with their own unique bodies and preferred communication methods.

The FRONTLINEdance team are trained in contemporary dance and performance and are passionate about integrated performance.

PLUS NEW! Breakthrou’dance Juniors for 7-12 year olds. Inclusive, Creative & Fun Dance Sessions!

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TERM TIMES  (New term starts week beginning 11th September 2023)


6:30pm – 7:30pm  Breakthrou’ Youth Dance Company (13-18yrs)

Venue: Tunstall Methodist Church
Queen’s Avenue,


1:00pm – 4:30pm Breakthrou’ Adult (18yrs+)

5:30pm – 6:15pm Breakthrou’ Junior  (7-12yrs)

6:30pm – 8:00pm Breakthrou’ Adult (18yrs+)

Venue: St John’s Centre
Newcastle Rd
Trent Vale
Stoke on Trent

Cost: Pay What You Can

Suggested £5 – 1 hour | £6 – 1.5 hours

Please get in contact for more information or register via this link: Breakthrou’dance Registration Form