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There’s still time to JOIN US!

Everyone and everybody of all ages are welcome! The project is fully inclusive and accessible to disabled people and those with long-term health conditions, those with previous dance experience and those new to dance.

Don’t want to perform but still want to be part of it – Then VOLUNTEER!
There are lots of different jobs that we need help with.
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Neither of interest? Then please come and experience our performance from 11am outside the Spitfire Gallery at the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery.
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PERFORMANCE – Saturday 25th June 2022!

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 If you want to find out more please get in touch. or call 07484 874335

“With Soundness of Heart” – an intergenerational and inclusive performance project by FRONTLINEdance!
To mark 70 years since Her Majesty The Queen 👑 ascended the throne.
Thanks to #NationalLottery players, we’ve been awarded funding to host a creative and cultural event to celebrate.

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Thanks to funding from the Stoke-on-Trent and North Staffordshire Clinical Commissioning group via their Long-Term Condition Fund, and People Dancing’s Live Well and Dance with Parkinson’s Initiative, we are introducing –

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FRONTLINEdance’s ‘Moving Together’ programme is designed to provide an opportunity for those who have long-term health conditions to move together with others whilst reaping the benefits it has to offer in a relaxed and enjoyable way. These new groups have been created solely for those who have had a Parkinson’s, Stroke or Cancer diagnosis. It is unique to the local area, and FRONTLINEdance are seen as specialists. We’ll be combining physical, social, and mental health interventions whilst creating a rich new supportive community for each attendee to be part of.

Moving Together for Adults with Parkinson’s
Starting 10th May
Tuesday’s 1:15-3:15pm 
Swan Bank Centre 
Swan Square, Burslem
Registration form:

“I arrived feeling unhappy but by the end I was enjoying seeing all that I achieved – I felt a sense of accomplishment”. (Moving Together Participant)

Moving Together for Adults who have had a Personal Cancer diagnosis
Starting 27th May

Friday’s 10am-12midday 
St John’s Centre
Newcastle Rd, Trent Vale
ST4 6QD 
Registration form:

“The benefits in terms of improved confidence and wellbeing were remarkable and supported by clinical data.” (Dr Virginia Wolstenholme, Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Barts Health NHS Trust)

Moving Together for Adults who have had a Stroke
Starting 27th May

Friday’s 1pm-3pm 
St John’s Centre 
Newcastle Rd, Trent Vale
 ST4 6QD
Registration form:

“We see a sense of character in our patients when taking part in your sessions. It adds variety to treatment offered, it allows patients to express themselves and find a sense of themselves. We can see how it increases mood, engagement, adherence, and tolerance to exercise. It improves social interaction”. (Haywood Hospital)

COST:Sessions are FREE
We welcome a Pay What You Can donation


FRONTLINEdance participants and our partners (including NHS staff feedback) echoes that of national and international researchers. This means that we are confident that our MOVING TOGETHER PROGRAMME’S methodology, style and approach supports the health, wellbeing, and independence of those who take part. We know that Moving Together offers an effective means of improving, and maintaining, each individual and the collective group’s wellbeing. It may help establish supportive relationships, and process thoughts and feelings that are often difficult to articulate or move beyond. It leads to more self-management, more peer support. 

We know that having Cancer, a Stroke, or Parkinson’s can have an impact on your confidence and self-esteem. Being in a group with others in the same situation can help. You may have had a big change in body image and functionality, opposing new challenges. Our programme supports this.

For some this project will be an important extension of the rehabilitation they received in hospital. We’ll be providing a familiar activity to look forward to at the daunting time of returning home. Everyday life stresses may have become greater, and relationships at home and at work may have been strained and damaged. Space and release in our session will help. It will allow people space and time to adapt and come to terms with having a stroke in a safe accessible environment.

Please contact us for any further information; 
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👉 Have any questions you’d like us to answer
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Contact: | 07484874335 |@FRONTLINEdance1

FRONTLINEdance can deliver taster sessions in your setting – hospital wards, outpatient’s groups, support groups for example. Please call to book a slot as soon as possible.